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Do People See Christ In Our Actions?

I had the opportunity to spend this past Memorial Day weekend in Gatlinburg, Tennessee at the annual Gaither Family Fest. There are six thousand people, many over the age of fifty, who migrate from all parts of the United States including Canada for this yearly event.  It is a sellout every year, so I know there are over six thousand in attendance.

 Each morning and each night those who attend sit spellbound by the music and the inspirational speakers. They hear the songs that tell so poignantly about the love of Christ.  Many songs and one of the sermons this year talked about what Christ has done for us.  For three hours we were caught up in a worship arena unlike any other.

 While growing up, one of my favorite songs was “The y Will Know We Are Christians.” As we sang each verse, we sang about love and actions.  Each night when this truly worshipful Gaither Family Fest was over, three thousand Christians got mean.  They pushed, they shoved, and they tripped people that got in their way.  I ask, “What is an 82-year-old couple in such a hurry for anyway?”

 I wondered, in this Mecca of tourism, do people who have never known Christ see him in our actions or are our words very cheap with very little meaning?